Saturday, August 4

(this is) What you can do with 100 Yen

"(this is)What you can do with 100 Yen" is the new generation of making donation. As we have experienced that people always ignore or keep always from charity approaching. Thus, "What you can do with 100 Yen" would set the new trend of contribution by convincing people in order to approach to voluntarily make a donation by themselves. The context of project is emphasizing on African people, who cannot get access to safe water resource. Therefore, they prominently need to have a 'Life Straw', which is the filter purifying bacteria contaminated water to be drinkable. The life straws are contributed and supported by numbers of non-profit organizations distributing to African people in rural area.

"What you can do with 100 Yen" is a combination between the new media design along with artistic purpose. I integrate a Kinect Sensor with TUIOKinect library, which responds to detect gesture motion of an audience. Furthermore, the art style of the work pleasantly inherit from Nung-Ta-Lung, which is the local performance art in Southern part of Thailand. Therefore, I synthesize a new face of interaction design not only engage people attention, but also productively benefits to people.

What you can do with 100 Yen Test Run:

"What you can do with 100 Yen" by Patawat Phamuad is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License