Saturday, February 4

Relieve Climate - iOS app to save the world

I initiate an iOS application namely Relieve Climate ,which supports mobility management (MM). Mobility Management measures is a pull, a new concept in a developed country is expected to effectively manage the growing amount of private car. The main idea is to give knowledge or publicity information related to travel through the cooperation between various departments. Along with the use of tools or measures to encourage motorists to change their attitudes and behavior on the trip (Voluntary Behavior Change). Relieve Climate responds to impulse daily car users to get involved to public transportation focusing on Bangkok Transit System (BTS) skytrain located in Bangkok Thailand. The application continuously keeps tracking user's trip data presenting in a quantity of saved Carbon Dioxide. After that, visualizes the data to become semi-tangible graphic on the device’s interface. Furthermore, marketing technique is implemented to this MM. As a result , the applicants who cumulatively collect a bunch of  Carbon Dioxide data would be rewarded with a prize from official sponsors collaborating with BTS skytrain. The expect result of the application is demanding  less car use and convinced to take a public transport.

Prime Concept Approach:

Test Run and Result:

IMPORTANT!: Please kindly download full project description: here

Relieve Climate by Patawat Phamuad is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License