Saturday, October 1

Cheese ;)

This artwork is a part of Epicase ~ You can be a Star 2011 competition. I invisibly present that a combination among cartoony face crowd which can be smiling while turn upside showing upset mood. Optical illusion is the top concept of Cheese. People is able to percept another illustration after 1-2 seconds staring. Our visual modality has potential as well as graphic gimmick concept.  

Cheese- is the illusional illustrator with non-pattern. This work represents a life concluded with both happy and unhappy. Meanwhile, people spend their daily life, they unavoidably interface with massive emotional obstacles. These consequently knock the life down heavily, nevertheless, this is not the end of the world. They can re-raise then turn up their difficult situation by a little smile. Smile is able to cheerfully change everything:- bias, pessimistic, conflict, antagonism, racism, war and so on. Do you even smile today? :)